03 NOVEMBER 2020 -

The Umbrian territory has always been a source of excellent products, especially when it comes to truffles.

Further confirmation of this was given by the territory of Gubbio, where two passionate truffle hunters Riccardo and Mirko have found a magnificent specimen of white truffle weighing 620 grams.

The meeting of the two with the white giant was fortuitous, in fact the two, after a morning in search of truffles, had returned home with only a couple of small ones.


After returning home, the daughter of one of the two insisted on going back with her father to walk in the woods where he had been that morning. The father, reluctantly, decided to please the daughter, and the two left for the forest with their dogs.


With great surprise, however, once they arrived, the dogs left for the “assault” of what turned out to be a White Truffle. The specimen immediately peeped out, and great was the firmness of the truffle hunter in stopping the dogs in order to keep the truffle intact.


After almost an hour of excavations, the giant emerged with the immense joy of the tuffle hunter in having found this rarity. The truffle, weighing 620 grams, was immediately sold, as the news rapidly made a breach in the public interest.


Needless to say, if the annual Truffle Market Exhibition had not been cancelled due to the ongoing health emergency, the “White Giant” would surely have attracted the eyes of all passers-by as the crown jewel of the event.

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