Truffle omelette with ham and chopped sicilian sun-dried tomatoes



2 - eggs
2 - slices of roasted ham
40 g - sun-dried tomatoes from Sicily
5 ml - Extra virgin olive oil & black truffle
10 g - Gourmet speciality of butter and black truffle
5 g - Truffle dust
Fresh Black Truffle


Melt the truffle butter in the pan and in the meantime beat the eggs by mixing them with the Truffle Dust. Chop the sun-dried tomatoes with a knife after having them partially rehydrated in hot water, and drizzle the mixture with black truffle oil. Cook the eggs trying to keep the omelette compact. Serve the omelette on the chopped sun-dried tomatoes and garnish with ham, fresh truffle and truffle oil. Enjoy your meal!

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